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Terms of Use

Prior to using this website, make sure you check the laws and regulations for gambling in your particular jurisdictions. They differ from a state to another, and from a country to another. It’s best to be prepared so you avoid any legal issues that might occur in case betting is restricted in your area.


First things first, you might stumble upon certain words on our platform, and it’s important both for you and the Soccerwagerz’s team that you understand their meaning. So, unless mentioned otherwise, here is what these words mean:

  1. Account

“Account” is referring to a personal account that people can create in order to become members of the website and gain access to the services. By making an account, it means you agree to the terms and conditions and you are willing to follow the rules. Without an account, you would not be able to use the platform’s features.

  1. Account Holder

The account holder is the person that opened a personal account on our platform.

  1. Service

A service is something that we offer to users, such as the betting activities, games, and anything of the sort included on our platform.

  1. Login and Password

These terms are referring to the login details that you pick when you make your account on the Soccerwagerz. They should only be known by the account holder.

  1. Restricted Territory

When talking about restricted territories, we mean countries or states where we are unable to offer our services due to the local regulations or our license. It will be featured in the form of a list.

  1. Website

The website is the gateway you can have access to through the Internet and can find at our current URL.

  1. Content

By content, we mean all data, text, images, videos, and any other such thing featured on our platform.

  1. Card

The card is one method of payment available on Soccerwagerz, which involves an account holder using their credit or debit card as a payment method.

  1. Prize

The prize is basically the reward or bonus that an account holder can win when using the site’s services.


The moment you create a new account on our platform and start using your services, it means you agree to accept and follow our rules. That means that you are aware of the things that are allowed and the things that are not allowed here, and you’re ready to face the consequences if we find out you went against the rules.

Here are some things that you confirm when you sign up on this platform:

  • You have read and understood the terms and conditions and our rules
  • You are 18 years old or over that age
  • This is the only account you’ll be using, and you will not create other accounts for yourself
  • There is a single account with your name and other information on the platform. In case you open more than one and we find out, then they might all be treated as a joint account

Although these are the main rules that you should remember to follow, it’s important to be aware that the possibility of changes is always there. If we believe we need to update the rules, we are going to do so. For this reason, it’s essential to take a look at this page now and then and see if anything new has been added or something has been changed. In the case of bigger, more important changes, we may notify you.

If you don’t meet any of the requirements and/or you cannot accept the rules, not using our services is a path that you shall take.

Safety and Security

Creating an account will grant you a username and password of your own, which should be unique. On top of that, the password needs to be one that isn’t easy to guess. Having a username and password will require you to keep them secret from other people. Make sure to not let anyone know them, as it could give them access to your payment method and endanger your funds.

This is why, if you get the impression that anyone found out your password and username without you offering them and starts using your account, you should let us know. Change your password immediately and contact the customer support and we will be able to help you. Keep in mind, though – if you are the one that lost, forgot, or shared the data with someone else, then it isn’t our responsibility.

We always make sure to keep every information confidential in the relationship with the Soccerwagerz’s members. As such, you don’t have to worry about sharing your information with us. The only exceptions would be if you do something against our rules. In such a situation, we might have to offer the data to a third party so an investigation can begin.

At the same time, we are not going to do anything unauthorized on your computer. You should just try to take some safety measures so that your software and data on your computer is being protected. This way, you will keep it safe from any intruders.

When we communicate, our conversations will be kept on record in case we are going to need them for security purposes later. Whether we’re talking through the phone, email, or live chat, we will keep a record of the conversations in case they’re required for potential issues.

Furthermore, we are going to give you an identity based on the information you give us. Information means your name, mailing address, email address, and the payment method you choose, such as a credit/debit card or an eWallet. However, more information might be asked from you.

Rules for Using Our Services

When you join the Soccerwagerz, you accept following the rules. That being said, there are certain things that you should refrain from doing unless you want to face consequences. Here are some of the rules to keep in mind as a user of our sportsbook:

  • Don’t try to get other users into breaking the Soccerwagerz’s rules
  • Never keep other members from using our Soccerwagerz’s services
  • Don’t use our site and services for anything illegal or unauthorized
  • Refrain from using the site and services through any ways that aren’t authorized by our staff; this could include devices, bots, scripts, and many other such things
  • Don’t change any of our services and don’t change other websites to make it seem like we’re associated with them
  • Don’t send any viruses, malware, spyware, worms or other such things

Rules for Betting

Here are the important rules related to betting that you should keep in mind:

  • Your wager will only become valid the moment it appears in your betting history and gets validated this way
  • Gambling means that you read our terms and conditions from this page and agree to them
  • If you win a bet, you will only be paid the prize according to the maximum limit; if it exceeds the limit, then we are not to be held responsible for the additional cash
  • Our team has the right to modify certain things on the Soccerwagerz, as well as the payout and betting limits

Money Deposits

  • You can only make deposits through our website. That means you have a list of available payment methods available on the platform, and the fees will vary for all of them.
  • If we suspect that you deposit cash while having no intention to bet, then we have the right to suspend or close your account. We might also have to file a report to the authorities.
  • Your money should be held on the personal account for betting
  • We reserve the right to change the available payment methods at all times
  • In some situations, we have the right to ask for additional information and documentation from you, which could be about your identity, source of income, age, and many other such things
  • We have the right to ask for proof of payment
  • The player should use a payment method on his/her own name, and not make any third-party deposit
  • Our team has every right to ask for documentation or additional information in order to find out the true owner of the payment method of choice. If you cannot provide the proper documents, then we have the right to not proceed with the refund of the third-party deposit.

Money Withdrawals

  • You cannot ask for withdrawal while you are in the middle of a gaming session
  • There is a maximum withdrawal amount per day, in order to protect your funds
  • Withdrawals are only able to be addressed to the registered player
  • When you make a withdrawal request, it may take up to a few days until the money will appear into your account; we will, however, make sure to process everything as soon as possible
  • Make sure that your personal data and the data of the payment method are the same. We have every right to ask for more documentation in order to prove your identity and whether you’re the owner of the account. We will not make any withdrawal until we receive the evidence.