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Privacy Policy

It’s important for all users of the Soccerwagerz to be aware of how their personal data and information is going to be used. All the information you share with us will be safe and we will make sure to keep it away from evil hands. To let you know in more detail how we’re going to use the information you send to us, this Privacy Policy will tell you everything you need to know about it.

Why We Collect Personal Data

Collecting personal data from our site members is one of our duties. Our license is giving us some legal obligations, which state that we should ask for people’s personal data in order to fairly give them the services they’re looking for. In this case, we’re talking about betting. But that’s not the only reason why personal information is required. Basically, in case someone engages in illegal activities on our platform, we would be able to give this information to the right authorities and help them open an investigation. It’s all for legal purposes and the safety of the parties involved.

That’s not even all there is to it, though. By collecting information from the bookmaker’s account holders, we can keep our website safe. Being in charge of a betting website is not that safe, considering there are so many individuals out there who would love abusing the betting system while using less money, or no money at all. With your personal data, we can protect the site against such unwanted scenarios, and also protect each betting lover that uses the platform as a result.

Let’s not forget about the fact that collecting your data will be very useful in further ensuring the well-functioning of the services we offer. They will keep being safe and you can keep using them without worries.

What Kind of Data Do We Collect?

We collect multiple types of personal information from the Soccerwagerz’s users, but it’s important for you to know exactly which ones are collected. Here is a list of some of the data we need:

  • Documents that serve as evidence of your identity
  • Answers you can give on questionnaires and surveys that we offer
  • Contact information such as the email or telephone
  • Transaction elements such as your financial accounts information
  • Information that you offer to us when you register on our platform, such as your name, email address, date of birth, and others; this also includes information you send by email
  • Possible conversations on either the site’s chat or on the telephone that you had with our site’s customer service
  • Information regarding your visits to the domain

You should know that not all of this information is being collected at once, and not from everyone. There are situations when special information will not be required. The only situations when it will be required are when you have problems with the site and your betting activity. If you reach out to us regarding the issue, then giving us the specific information we ask is going to help us solve the problem and make the platform convenient for you.

Ways We Use Your Data

Aside from knowing which data we collect, it’s also important for you to know how it’s going to be used. Below is a list of things that your personal data is going to be used for:

  • Helping in the creation of your account
  • Running your account
  • Doing research and questionnaires
  • Being able to take part in games
  • Being granted access to the betting services
  • Tracking the transactions in order to prevent weird behavior from occurring, such as money fraud or laundering
  • Complying with the legal plans that will help govern the website’s operations
  • Making promotions for betting
  • Creating a personal profile which will help avoid potential money laundering situations

You are not obliged to give us your data – you have to give your consent, and you have the right to refuse. However, if you don’t consent to give us any information, you will be limited when it comes to using our services, and maybe be even unable to use them in the first place.

If you accept the data collecting process, then we can use it for making improvements to our platform, which is great not only for us but for every user as well.

How Long Will We Keep Your Data?

For as long as you keep being one of our customers, it is our responsibility to keep your data and information. Maintaining all user data is mandatory in order to meet the contractual and legal requirements.

But even if you decide to cease using our platform and being a customer, we still have to maintain your information for some time. A few years will have to pass until we no longer have to keep your data. We are doing this for any potential legal claims that a user might be making against us after leaving the website. Moreover, it’s also mandatory from a legal standpoint.

Cookies and How We Collect Them

Just like any other website, our platform collects cookies. Cookies are very useful in helping us make our platform better and give our users everything they want as time goes by. You may not be okay with cookie collection, but after you create an account, it means that you accept that we collect cookies.

Therefore, if you want to help us build a better betting site, agreeing to the collection of cookies is an easy way to do so. Through them, we can bring you more services that may have been missing in the past, and even work on the current ones to make sure they are better, and the platform operates smoothly.

You don’t even have to keep cookies – they can be deleted from the folder where they are stored. You also have the option to put an end to the collection of cookies, but that may stop you from having access to some of our services.

Your Responsibilities as a User

When registering on Soccerwagerz and granting us access to your personal information, it means that you acknowledge the importance of truth and validity. Simply put, you should be aware of how important it is to give us not only valid but true data about your identity as well. We are aware that the data may change over time, and as soon as a change is being made, you should let us know in order to be up to date.

Also, you should be ready to deal with the consequences if you provide us with either incomplete or false information. This is not only wrong, but it also goes against our rules. Once we find out the truth, we have all rights to suspend or delete your account, or not accept your application in case you were just about to register.

How We Secure Your Data

Protecting our customers’ private information is crucial, and we do our best to avoid any bad scenarios from taking place. We can reassure you that our team takes things seriously and is competent enough to keep your information safe. Top-notch technology has been incorporated to make sure all data is safe from falling into the hands of someone with bad intentions.

When you use your credit card to purchase a specific service, the data will only be sent to us once, after which we store it in our systems. It is stored with encryption to make sure it’s protected. Furthermore, the information you use on Soccerwagerz will be protected through an SSL technology system.

We are not sleeping on these safety measures either, as we make sure to regularly check them and ensure that they are running properly at all times.

Privacy Notice Changes

You should bear in mind that this form of the Privacy Policy may not be permanent. We might end up changing some things as time passes, in order to provide you with the best and safest environment.

Luckily, you will not be left in the dark because we will always feature the date of the last update, thus ensuring you are aware something has been modified. At the same time, we advise you to take a look at this page regularly, as it will help you be up to date before using our services.

Conversely, we might actually send you a notification if major changes have been made. For example, if we update the way we use your personal information, then you have to be notified of your concern and safety.

How to Contact Us?

Did something cause you to be displeased with the way we handle your private information? If that’s the case, you should reach out to us by calling us on our phone number or sending us an email.

We make sure to answer complaints as soon as possible, so expect us to reach out to you in a reasonable amount of time. We have multiple complaints and questions to deal with on a daily basis, so we are trying to help everyone as much as we can.