Handicap Betting Tips

Handicap betting is a pretty cool way to start betting on football games. As one of the best markets, there is, you can really get some value out of your wagers and even back some weaker teams you are fairly certain can still perform well.

So, how does handicap betting work? Well, to place a handicap bet, you simply have to find the market available at the bookmaker you are betting with – plain and simple. The premise is straightforward.

You bet on a weaker team, but a specific number of goals will be subtracted from the final result of the game – only for the purposes of the bet. Let’s say Manchester City is playing Tottenham Spurs – the end game is 3 – 1 for Manchester City.

If you have bet a handicap of 2.5 points difference, then Manchester City is losing the bet, because their final score would be 3 – 2.5, which is 0.5 goals or fewer goals than the one scored by Tottenham Spurs.

Of course, the actual handicaps will vary. But as a bet type, a handicap is a very straightforward offer. To win, you simply need to fulfill the necessary prerequisite as outlined by the specific wagering condition.

Football Handicap Betting – What You Should Know

Football handicap betting introduces a new and interesting unknown to the game. Now, it’s not a matter of which team would score the most goals, but rather how the game as a whole would turn out. Therefore, some people find handicap in betting to be a little more challenging, while others would agree that it gives the means necessary to turn cool wagers.

Either way, handicap football betting is not necessarily easy. But the value you can get out of analyzing the odds properly is there. Most handicap football tips will always advise you to use statistics before making your next bet.

That means to leverage the stats and past results and make a decision based on that. At Soccerwagerz, we provide you with odds that are being updated in real-time to give you the best shot at singling out the matches that would seem to benefit the most from betting handicap.

When and Where to Bet Handicaps?

There are league handicap betting and season handicap betting, among others. What this means is that some seasons may simply be better when it comes to betting on handicaps. As to league handicaps – all top leagues will be very competitive and what this means is you will have to focus on them in full to be able to drive the best value.

It’s by focusing on competitions you understand that you can get the best value today. There’s a ton of information online, and you can read up on all the latest previews for extra insight. Most handicap football betting tips will just focus on consolidating your understanding of the subject matter – that’s what determines the success of all your future bets.

Asian Handicap Betting – Not a Bad Idea at All!

Asian Handicap betting is the same thing. When you place an Asian handicap bet, you will see that certain teams are given certain advantages – such as 0.25, 0.50, 1.00 points lead before the game even begins.

Therefore, when considering Asian handicap odds, you should also consider the advantage. How many points does the team have? Is it going to be enough? Most handicap bets leave some room for doubt – which is great for bookies, but then again, it gives more experienced players a chance to spot some minor differences in the original predictions and leverage those successfully.

Asian handicap tips will help in the sense you should always focus on the games you truly understand. Of course, how do you pinpoint the games you comprehend in full and those that you don’t quite get? There are significant challenges, to begin with, but the underlying reason to success is to have facts to work with.

You need to be familiar with the performance of certain teams throughout the season. When you start looking closer into each team, you will spot the golden opportunities that handicap bets on experienced and rookie punters alike.